CCUSA – The Worst Summer Camp Organisation?


The summer camp organisation that I applied through last year was CCUSA.

On paper CCUSA seemed like a good choice but this wasn’t to be the case.

Firstly CCUSA overcharged me for the overall fees I was to pay, the only way I could have got the money they owed me back was to take the full amount back, which meant my flights being cancelled and no summer camp.

Secondly I provided CCUSA with so much proof that I hadn’t done what Camp Birchwood for boys had accused me of and I also feel I proved that the director may have had his own personal problem with me. Yet all CCUSA did was email Camp Birchwood for Boys for their reasoning (this was after I had told them the camp treated me unfairly) The reply to the email was the end of it. So CCUSA did next to nothing to help me in this matter, but CCUSA did send me Camp Birchwood for Boys reply and I can say that the main reason that Camp Birchwood for Boys had mentioned to CCUSA for letting me go, was not mentioned to me whatsoever. Why did the director fail to mention this to me???

Lastly, recently I recommended someone to stay away from CCUSA on Twitter, they obviously were not happy about this. So CCUSA tried to act like they were in the right and they also said to me that after the summer has finished they would go into a full review of my situation as they are to busy to do it during the summer and that was why they didn’t do much. I replied to this saying that it is good that this is is going to happen and that now I will be able to clear my name of what I was accused of. Then they replied again saying that it will be a review of the camp as a whole and that they will not look any further into my situation as they felt they had dealt with it accordingly.
They said the only reason they would go any further into my situation is if new proof came up, this is exactly what I did and they never replied to this.

Recently I got in contact with them and one of them accidentally replied to me instead of sending the email to his colleagues and he then tried to ‘recall the message’ (which is to try to retrieve it without me seeing it) but he failed. Most recently I got in contact with them asking them for a copy of the contract/program agreement I signed with them and I am more than entitled to this as it has my signature on it. Yet they are not even replying to me.

This again goes to prove that CCUSA know that they are in the wrong and have most likely breached the contract. This also shows me that they also know that the director of Camp Birchwood for Boys have treated me horribly as well.

So if anyone reading wants to work at a summer camp in America next year, DO NOT APPLY THROUGH CCUSA.


2 thoughts on “CCUSA – The Worst Summer Camp Organisation?

  1. Blitz

    Hello Stuart,

    It sounds like camp birchwood treated you terribly! I know how it feels to be unfairly let go. I was also unfairly fired from my childhood summer camp in canada. I squirted a child in the knee with a water gun and the director called it “harrassment” and went on to say that I physically abused campers and shouldn’t be caring for children. My Co-Counselor did the same thing (and worse) that I did but she didn’t get in any trouble at all. The way I was screamed at and how badly I was treated by my superiors re-awakened my PTSD and gave me nightmares for months.

    I suspect I was really fired for being a little bit gay. The director is a devout catholic so that might have something to do with it.

    I too did not receive any legal documents such as a record of employment or termination letter and it took me MONTHS to get some of my things they were “holding on to” for me. My paycheck was pretty slim (i was paid one weeks salary for a month of employment) and the whole experience was awful.

    While I have not taken legal action, I have moved on. I am now the assistant swim director at another camp (I start this june) and i’ve tried to put my old camp behind me.

    While I’m sorry you had to go through what you did, I’m glad there are others out there who know what it feels like to have such injustice done. I wish you the best of luck in future endeavors.

    • I am sorry for what you have gone through. I don’t think anyone understands how this makes us feel and the lack of justice that has come from it.

      Thank you for understanding. I too wish you all the best for the future and with you good luck with your new camp.

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